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AboutGod’s Public Library

My name is Jaqueline Meister. I’m a secretary who grew up on an 140 acre farm. 

In my twenties, I continued the “good” role. I could count on my hand how many times I drank. (I was never a partier.) I could count on one hand how many guys I dated, I never did drugs, was the good employee, etc… I was a good Christian girl. Who for the most part played by the rules. And even when I did rebel a little bit, guilt never failed to straighten me out.

So all in all, I’m a good person.

Not much in the way of an exciting testimony. I went to a few churches. I read my Bible (occasionally). I didn’t sleep around. I became interested in the news and Bible Prophecy. I enjoyed researching and learning and seeing things that were predicted thousands of years ago coming to light today. Simply fascinating.

It was such an easy trap guys, I didn’t even see it coming. I really didn’t.
Four years of researching prophecy led to Matthew Chapter 7 and the four documentaries on this page that brought me to my knees.