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Hey Everyone!

So I am doing this website and the home page seemed like a good place to tell you why I decided to do a website and what I am hoping to accomplish with it.  I mean, there are a lot of different websites out there about God….  so why should you look at this website?

Since I don’t like reading long explanations myself – well that and since I don’t really have anything intelligent to say (I’m just trying to fill up space here ), I will try to keep this short… :)

I’m really just doing this website so everyone will see what a good Christian I am.

Lol…  I’m so just kidding.  A humble person such as myself would never say something like that out loud :)  haha.  Oh come on…  That’s funny.

Okay..  serious now…  I always tell people that after years of attending many different churches and leaving more confused than ever, I ended up finding God on youtube.  It took a long time – a few years – but it seemed one by one I was finding these videos that were answering my questions.

I had the basic questions – at least I thought they were basic.  Is there a God?  What’s He like?  Why does He allow death and suffering in the world?  Why was the old testament so harsh and the new testament so loving if it’s the same God.  Why did Jesus have to die for sins?  If God was Almighty, why couldn’t He just forgive my sins.  Is there a Hell, what’s it like?  Am I going to Hell? I’m relatively a good person, why would God throw a person like me in Hell?  How do I know if I’m going to Hell?  What does it mean to have a relationship with God?

There are other questions, but you get the idea.  Once these questions were answered and I finally understood why I needed a Savior….  I just wanted to learn more about Jesus.  About this Almighty God who created the heavens and the earth and who wanted a relationship with me.

Anyway at some point I started thinking  – Hey if I have these questions, I bet others do too.  What’s the easiest way to help others find the answers to the same questions I had.

I know…  I’ll buy all the dvds.  That way when someone asks, I can give them the dvd.

That got expensive real fast….

I know…  I’ll start a church and play all these sources off the internet.

But turns out no one wants to drive out to Farmington and attend church in a plumbing shop. There had to be an easier way.

It was about this time the Holy Spirit decided to step in, “Or you could just start a website, Moron.”

Lol…  Okay…  The Holy Spirit did not call me a Moron.

A covetous, lying, blaspheming wretched sinner…  Yes.

But not a Moron :)  hahaha.

So that’s how the whole idea came about.  These are all the sources – documentaries, interviews, movies, sermons, etc – that helped me to find Christ and learn more about our God.  I hope they will help you too – whether it be finding a relationship with Jesus or strengthening your Faith in Him.

If you have a question of your own that you want answered, hey I love to research.  Just shoot me off your question using the contact page.

I hope you all enjoy and God Bless!