The End Product

So my dad has this saying…  “You always know how good a person is by their end product.” Usually this saying was used in the context of work.  “You can tell how good a person is at their job by … Continued

I am ashamed of the Gospel

Hey everyone. This weekend I had a little reminder of a lesson the Lord had taught us over a year ago.  So I figured that was the Lord telling me which blog to write.  Apparently I have tons of sins … Continued

Gossip Girl

Hey everyone. If you read any of my previous blogs, you might remember that one of the sins I confessed to in the confession box was that I talked bad about people.  Well in my defense it’s not that I … Continued

Famine in the Land

Hey everyone. I don’t know if I should apologize for the long silence at this point?  I can’t believe how fast two years went.  I kept saying to myself…  I need to blog about this when I get a second … Continued

Government Take Over?

Hey Not-So-Fun-Fact. Did you know that one of the judgments to Israel when they turned away from the Lord was – a bad government or oppressive king.  

The Great Delusion

The Great Delusion by Ken Hamm … And God will send them a Great delusion that they will believe the lie… that they would worship the Creature rather than the Creator. … God gave them up…  God gave them over … Continued