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Matthew 12:30 – He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me..  scatters”

Okay, this was a huge eye opener for me.

A little background…  my family loved movies.  I was probably the biggest one into this.  Chick flicks, action movies, drama, horror..  I loved stories.  Whenever I went to movies, I’m sure I annoyed more than a few people analyzing the movie after it was over.  Most people would look at the special effects or the actors or whatever.  I usually ended up analyzing the story line – the writing – if it was true to the characters.

That kind of thing.

But then I think I was baptized by the Holy Spirit, because movies I use to like…  all of a sudden I was feeling guilty for watching.  And then I realized that I was laughing at things God HATES.  He HATES the sins portrayed in movies, and here not only was I laughing at it (condoning it), I was giving my money buying these movies.

And then I read this verse.  Either you are for me or against me and if you are not for me, then you scatter.  Meaning these movies, are they pushing God’s agenda?  If not, then they are working for the enemy.

Oh I was so heartbroken.

And then when I started researching…  I was ANGRY.

I could not believe how many of these actors/singers were not only NOT pushing God’s agenda, they were flat out working for the enemy.

People you really need to read the verse above and if you are a Christian I ask that you pray about this.  What are you condoning and who are you supporting with your time (by watching this filth as I did) and your money (buying this evil as I did)