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(Update at the end!)

Okay, I’m not really sure what to write here. Honestly, I rarely read the ABOUT pages on websites. But I was told a lot of people do and actually want to know the person behind the website.

So here it goes.

I feel like I should apologize ahead of time for boring you to tears.

My name is Jacqueline Meister. I’m thirty-four. I’m single with no exes, no kids, no baggage…. no life :) I am a secretary. I live on the 140 acre farm I grew up on.

And that’s about it.

I really wish there was some way to dress that up for you :).

As to why I am doing this website..

That has a lot to do with my testimony. I had debated on whether I should tell my testimony here or on the Blog page. But since my testimony is kind of the reason I’m doing the website, I figured I might as well as mention it here.

I guess most people would define me as a good person. I was the good daughter, a good student, a good athlete (not in the terms of athletic ability – trust me anyone who saw me now would not mistake me for an athlete. I’m like the poster girl for the overweight couch potato. But I was a good athlete in that I never had the diva attitude, always did what I was told by the coach with no complaints, that kind of thing.) I didn’t rebel much in my teenage years, and what little battles I did, I always felt bad and ended up doing the right thing anyway. Doing the “right” thing was kind of a driving force.
I was raised to believe in God. And out of high school I chose to go back to church. Four years later at twenty-two I was baptized. I believe in God. I know Jesus died for my sins. And getting baptized was the next step. Again, doing the “right” thing was the driving force.

In my twenties, I continued the “good” role. I could count on my hand how many times I drank. (I was never a partier.) I could count on one hand how many guys I dated, I never did drugs, was the good employee, etc… I was a good Christian girl. Who for the most part played by the rules.

And even when I did rebel a little bit, guilt never failed to straighten me out.

So all in all, I’m a good person.

Not much in the way of an exciting testimony. I went to a few churches. I read my Bible (occasionally). I didn’t sleep around. I became interested in the news and Bible Prophecy. I enjoyed researching and learning and seeing things that were predicted thousands of years ago coming to light today. Simply fascinating.

It was such an easy trap guys, I didn’t even see it coming.

I really didn’t.

Four years of researching prophecy led to Matthew Chapter 7 and the four documentaries on this page that brought me to my knees.


In a span of a week I realized I was bound for hell.

Because I was a false convert.

I argued with myself. I mean look- I didn’t have sex before marriage. I didn’t drink. I liked researching the Bible. I prayed. I knew a lot that even “Christians” didn’t know. I believed in Jesus. Of course I was a Christian.

But for ten years, I kept hearing “Even the devil and his angels believe and tremble.” Which of course, if anyone thought about it, of course the devil believed in God. He knew God. His angels knew God. And they were all cast out of heaven.

But I believed that Jesus died for my sins. Churches kept telling me all I had to do was believe in Jesus, accept Jesus into your heart.

And that is where the False convert thing wrecked me. Just wrecked me.

Because a False convert does honestly believe that Jesus died for the sins of the world. But even the devil and his angels believe and tremble. (James 2:19)

They just couldn’t obey.

And I wasn’t obeying. I justified my sins by convincing myself I wasn’t that bad. Little white lies, a little gossiping, checking out attractive men, getting mad for little reasons, working on Sundays, taking the Lord’s name in vain, spending more time reading magazines than the Bible, etc. The list goes on and on and on.

And this story could go on and on. There were so many little lessons along the way, but I think that will fit best in the blog page.

The gist of it is, I thought I was fine. As so, so many people do. They think they are fine. They say they believe in God. And they may believe in God.

But they aren’t obeying. Their understanding is darkened. They live as society does. And when you look at their lives, it’s so obvious now that their focus is two degrees off Jesus.

I only know because I was there.

I constantly fail God. But I’m so, so, so thankful for the blood of Jesus. I just want others to know. I want them to see the trap. Because it is such a subtle trap. And Satan is so very clever.

Please read Matthew Chapter 7. God tells us that there is a straight gate and only a FEW will find it. And Broad is the way that leads to destruction, and MANY will find it. MANY. Meaning majority.

That’s the reason for this website. To maybe help people learn about God and get back to basics. These sources helped me and I found them interesting. So maybe someone else will too.

That’s my eleven year long testimony in a nut shell.

*** UPDATE ***

WOW..  It’s been three years already.  That’s just crazy.  how can I be thirty-seven?! :).

Well here’s a quick update.  I obviously have not been writing much on the website in the last two years.  The changes have been so drastic, there just wasn’t time :).

Soo…  I’m still single, with no exes, no kids, and no baggage (and still no life…)  LOL.  No changes there.  I did change jobs, though I’m still a secretary, so basically no change there.  However in the last few months we have purchased a library to turn into a ministry…  God’s Public Library / Hear the Word of the Lord!

And yep, there are two names.  We did it on purpose :). I will get into that a little later.  But for now I wanted to let you all know that now we actually have a physical location.  We are filling the library shelves with the same videos on this website (for those who do not have internet or do not know what to look up) and we are reading the Bible based on a life changing reading of the Book of Amos…  where the Lord says…  he is causing the Famine in the Land of hearing the Words of the Lord.  That’s a long story that deserves it’s own page so be looking for that in the near future!