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Year: 2017

Protected: Everyone wants to be me!

November 22, 2017

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The End Product

October 25, 2017

So my dad has this saying…  “You always know how good a person is by their end product.” Usually this saying was used in the context of work.  “You can tell how good a person is at their job by... Continued
I am ashamed of the Gospel

October 9, 2017

Hey everyone. This weekend I had a little reminder of a lesson the Lord had taught us over a year ago.  So I figured that was the Lord telling me which blog to write.  Apparently I have tons of sins... Continued
Gossip Girl Revisited

October 5, 2017

Hey everyone. I had a moment  today that I wanted to share.  I’ve actually been so disturbed all night I can’t sleep. There was a revelation of sorts where proof was shown of a person’s gossiping.   My name was mentioned... Continued
The Round Pen

September 21, 2017

Hey Everyone. So I have been trying to write this blog for awhile.  And it’s funny because I thought it would have been one of the easier ones to write, since the point was so simple.  (By simple I mean... Continued
I am….. the Prophet killed by a lion

August 14, 2017

No I obviously have not been killed by a lion. So this little story came as a surprise when we were doing our daily public Bible Reading.   1 Kings 13.  There was a prophet who did the work of... Continued
Gossip Girl

August 7, 2017

Hey everyone. If you read any of my previous blogs, you might remember that one of the sins I confessed to in the confession box was that I talked bad about people.  Well in my defense it’s not that I... Continued
It’s okay with you that MY Temple is in Ruins?

July 30, 2017

The Book of Haggai So today is the Lord’s Day and what an AMAZING day it was.  I am so excited I can’t even collect my thoughts.  There were so many lessons today that I knew were of the Lord…... Continued
Protected: Famine in the Land

July 23, 2017

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.