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About God’s Public Library


Yes we have two names… we did it on purpose :). But unfortunately we are not very original, so that’s the best we could come up with.

Just FYI, I am extremely wordy and I take at least twenty minutes to get to a single point. (So annoying :).. LOL.) But I do not have a lot of space here, so I’m just going to give you the bare bones here.

The two names are a result of our two different testimonies.

I came from a more Pagan or society family I guess you’d say. I mean we went to church every now and then, but mostly sports and hard work was the priority in life. (We all have things in our life that we think makes us good people.. Hard Work was basically ours :). Not that I’m trying to tell all my family’s sins here.. LOL. Just mine. You can read all about my sins in the Blog section.)

Anyway being the news junky I was, I preferred watching news on the internet rather than music on the radio. This led to a news report about Russia, China, and Opec calling for a one world currency. I didn’t know much about the Bible, but I remembered hearing about a one world currency. That news report led to a ton of research… because I’m a nerd. I research for fun. Yeah, I’m like that. I actually get excited about hanging out at a library. Just saying.

So I researched Bible Prophecy for over three years, much of which you will find on this website when I get er loaded up. Then in October 2011, when I seemed to run out of Prophecy videos, I can across the videos listed on this page. Long story short, by the end of the week I was on my knees knowing I was in trouble. My whole life I thought I was a good person, I tried to do the right thing, compared to others I thought I was definitely better than most.

And I was headed for hell.

So…. I found the Lord on Youtube. And the idea for God’s Public Library was born. A Library of sources that helped me to find the Lord, all in one spot for anyone who is searching, but maybe doesn’t have the amount of time or the nerdiness I have. LOL.

Hear the Word of the Lord is my aunt’s part of the testimony. I make sure to tell everyone she is my Aunt. Because we are two single women who have the same last name… and sadly in today’s age.. that looks weird. LOL.

Anyway she grew up in church, all her activities and friends were basically “church”. But after doing all these church activities, the church rules, and all that church entails… she was faced with her sin and the reality that all that “church”… didn’t make her good. And she was hell bound.

So she turned to the Bible. She started reading the Bible in large chunks, listening to the Bible in her car, in her house, etc.

And that’s when all her troubles began. LOL. (Anyone who says come to Jesus and all your problems will be over… don’t believe them. Jesus says if you follow Me you will be persecuted and suffer… Just saying.)

But as she read the Bible, her life started to change. Instead of a doormat, she became bold. Instead of a yes man, she started standing for truth. Her goal in life became trying to get Bible IN churches, to read in all the assembly as the Lord says in His Word.

Long story short, we started reading the Bible as a group out loud. And during one of those readings Amos 8:11 screamed out at us. Basic gist.. the Lord is not causing a famine of hunger and thirst but of hearing the Words of the Lord. Amos was telling this to God’s people. Telling them that the Lord was going to cause a famine and take His word away from them because of their choices.

We were given a Library a month later 🙂 where we read the Bible in all the assembly every night – three times a year. By all the assembly… I mean there’s a couple of us.. Turns out, the Lord’s Word is not very popular. Oh it’s popular to be a Christian. But the most opposition we have faced with this part of the ministry… is from Christians.

Like I said… Read the Bible and that’s when all your troubles begin. LOL. There’s a word of encouragement for you. Hehe.

So there you have it. A Ministry of Two Names :).