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Be Careful What you Hear!

January 3, 2020

Faith Comes By Hearing. Obviously we know that verse that Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God.  But this woman said something that really got me (about 12-13ish minutes into video). Like it was an “Oh Snap”... Continued
Battle for the Mind

December 18, 2019

A Battle for the Mind  
Acknowledging Emotions

December 17, 2019

Acknowledging Emotions I like how Neil Anderson is so practical.  He uses Psalm 109 where King David is pretty much telling God to kill his enemies, to make their children fatherless..  LOL. Here David had a heart after God’s own... Continued
Mental Strongholds

December 16, 2019

Mental Strongholds affect our emotions. When you tell someone “they shouldn’t feel that way”, it’s a small form of rejection.  The problem is what we believe affects how we feel. And if what we believe is not truth, then when... Continued
Satan’s Kingdom

December 11, 2019

Recognizing Satan’s Kingdom Here’s a third witness to the Spiritual Realm.  This sermon is the first of four on the Enemies we Face, but I only put up the first video. Because I’m lazy.  LOL. I know I’m hitting this... Continued
Unseen Realm

December 10, 2019

Realities of the Unseen Realm Yesterday, I posted Neil Anderson interview on the Spiritual Realm.  In the mouth of two or three witnesses always helps me, so I thought I would throw out other sources :). This guy’s testimony is... Continued
The Battle Field

December 9, 2019

The Battle Field is in the mind. Apostle Paul warns us that “In latter days people will fall away from the Faith following deceiving spirits and teachings of demons.” Here in the civilized world, we think we are so advanced... Continued
The Royal Wedding

December 7, 2019

The Royal Wedding covers the Song of Songs.  You know the book in the Bible no preacher wants to touch with a ten foot pole.  LOL. Since watching this preacher’s Unlocking the Bible series and this sermon, Song of Songs... Continued
Worship Music

December 6, 2019

This clip on Worship Music made me laugh a little.  I went to a conference five hours away to hear a speaker at 7pm.  You expect a little prayer and worship before a conference.  But I did not expect two... Continued