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The Duck Dynasty family is definitely using what God has given them – their testimonies, their business, their wealth, and now their popularity to spread the message of Jesus Christ.

But what I really find awesome is how the men are spiritual leaders.  So often it seems that the women are the spiritual leaders today.  The wives are dragging their husbands to church… if they even go to church.   Or even if the men are the leaders in the house they certainly aren’t leading their family to God.  They put work, drinking, projects, friends, television, everything else before God.

So I really like the example the men of the Robertson family are setting.  How they seek God first, they read His Bible, and they spread His message.  They are such good examples for all men.

Men…  God gave you a job.

And on Judgment day you are going to give an accounting for how you led your family and where you led them too.  Did you lead them to God?  What are your children going to learn from you?  What example are you setting – that God is first or that everything else is first?

And women, you should be praying for your husbands for God to guide them, for them to be the leader in your family, and of course – pray for yourselves that you can be a submissive woman as defined by the Bible as a Christ follower.

Side note – by putting God first I mean obeying.  See when you come to Christ…  Christ needs to be your Lord.  And Lord means master.  Which means He tells you what to do and you do it.  Which means you need to be in the word of God.  Jesus says – go and make disciples.  Feed my sheep.  Clothe the naked.  Feed the hungry.  The Bible gives us instructions on being a wife on being a husband, on being single…  And these are not suggestions.  They are commands given to us by our Lord.

I only bring it up because – I just realized I have yet to do this.  Oh I like reading about God and Praying to God.  But the Lord being my master thing, I am so ashamed to say – I haven’t done.

So anyway, I got a little off track.  I like to see the example of Godly men sharing their faith.  Thank you to the Robertson family 🙂