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I am ashamed of the Gospel

October 9, 2017

Hey everyone.

This weekend I had a little reminder of a lesson the Lord had taught us over a year ago.  So I figured that was the Lord telling me which blog to write.  Apparently I have tons of sins to confess, I’m flooded with blog ideas.  I actually had to ask the Lord which one do I finish, cause I am ALL over the the map here!  LOL.

Well this weekend a couple who attends our Bible Reading hasn’t been there for a week.  My dad and I were speculating as to why and dad figured it was because we are in the book of Psalms.  The Psalms are HARD to read.  Literally, they don’t exactly roll off my tongue very well :).   And they are hard to understand because they are not stories with a moral at the end of it.

And this weekend, it was confessed just through a different conversation that is the reason.

So I actually laughed.

I thought it was funny 🙂 LOL.

But then afterwards I started feeling sooo guilty for laughing.  Not guilty for not saying anything or preaching or anything like that.  If people come to the Bible Reading…  awesome.  If they don’t…  they don’t.  I NEED this Bible Reading.  Cause I know in the end I won’t do it by myself.

I also know…  it gets hard (cause let’s face it…  there are a lot of parts in the Bible that are hard to get through…  Like Leviticus cause it’s law after law after law.  And it’s easy to think those laws don’t apply to us cause they are the Law of Moses, but we are under the Law of Christ.  Or as stated above…  the Book of Psalms..  cause it’s poetry.  And even though I enjoy reading and writing, poetry sucks.  LOL.)

Anyway, so I was feeling guilty for laughing and had to ask the Lord why.  What did I do wrong?

And I was reminded of The Tabernacle.

Not the story itself, but the lesson the Lord taught us.

You all hopefully know the Tabernacle story I am talking about.  Once you hit the Tabernacle, it is detail after detail after detail and goes on and on and on.  Every single article explained in exhaustive detail.  Over and over.

It’s like it never ends.

Well the first year my parents and I decided to commit ourselves to reading the ENTIRE Bible in a year, when we got to the tabernacle…  my dad finally stopped me.  “Enough.  Just stop.”

Literally that’s what he said.

And I did stop.  I skipped the last couple chapters of the Tabernacle and moved onto the next story.

Dad later explained the reason He had me stop is because when we committed to reading the entire Bible…  he had asked the Lord to reveal Himself and to tell us who HE is.

Well my dad is a construction worker, a plumber by trade.  Working with his hands is what he knows and is what he is good at.  And here the Lord was describing in great detail exactly what He wanted for the construction of His house.

And He was so particular (dad was used to working for particular owners), but the Lord was so particular, that dad realized the one thing he was good at…  wasn’t good enough for the Lord.  He knew He couldn’t work for the Man.

And when he explained that, we were all like…  “Oh wow what a great lesson on the Tabernacle story.”  Usually we all consider the tabernacle story boring and there is no reason in this day and age to read it or to know it.

But that was a great lesson and an example of How the Lord can teach someone through any story.

Well fast forward a year.  We are now reading the Bible in two churches – at my church on Mondays and at my best friend’s church on Thursdays.  We were at her church when it came around to the Tabernacle story.

And PEOPLE actually came.  Three people.  FINALLY.

I’m not going to lie, secretly I was debating if I should skip onto the next story or skip to a more interesting reading like Malachi.  Malachi is a powerful book.  I even asked the Lord, but no answer came.

So I started reading.

The Tabernacle.  Chapter after Chapter, article after article explained, detail after detail after detail.  I was reading as fast as I could, trying to hurry through the tabernacle part and get to the more interesting stories that I knew would make more of an impact on the new people.  But the tabernacle story kept going. And at one point, one person even walked out.

I knew that those people wouldn’t be back.

And they didn’t come back.

I was actually pretty frustrated asking why!.  DAH!.

Now the Lord was very faithful a few months later to teach us about the Famine in the Land (which I have already blogged about).  He did teach us about how He will cause people to not hear His words.  How He probably had timed it just so those people would come during the boring parts.

Cause people have to seek Him out like silver, and if you don’t want Him, you will not get Him.

But that night, His focus wasn’t on other people.  He was teaching me a lesson.  (well all four of us).

I was a ashamed of the Gospel.

I literally flinched at the thought.  How could that be?  I was reading His Bible out loud.  I was trying to get the Bible into His churches.

But He reminded me how I tried to read faster and faster to get through what I considered the “boring” part that didn’t matter.  How I thought I knew what stories those people needed to hear.  How I was ready to pick and choose what parts of the Bible were interesting and would make a difference in other people’s lives.

I was ashamed of this part of the Gospel.  This part of God’s Word.

The Lord wrote the ENTIRE BIBLE.  And then we are told how Jesus is the WORD.

It doesn’t say Jesus is only 4 books of the Bible.  It says He is the Word made flesh…  (and funny enough…  tabernacled among us…)

Anyway, so here I was…  Ashamed of the boring parts.

I think Most people are ashamed of the Gospel.  They would never say it.  But today the parts people seemed to be most ashamed of are the severity parts.  Like the parts where God flooded the Earth.  Sodom and Gomorrah.  Sent deadly Snakes.

Who says…  “If you don’t want to Hear my Law even your prayers are an abomination.”

“Take away the noise of your songs”

“I will cause the famine…  of hearing my words”

“I love those….  who FEAR me.”

“I love those…. who obey my commandments.”

No one wants to hear that.  No one wants to hear that God is not pining away over them.  No one wants to hear that His love is CONDITIONAL.

So most preachers today…  pick what verses out of the Bible they think people need to hear…  or will want to hear.  Rather than teaching the entire Bible.  (Usually the verses they pick out have something to do with the love of God but that’s a topic discussed in other blogs).

I absolutely get it.  I would have done the same that day.  I literally wanted to change the schedule up and read a different section of the Bible cause I thought that would make a difference for those people.

But the Lord gave us a whole Bible with 66 books.  He put every single thing in there, because every single thing is important.

So why are we ashamed of parts of the Bible?  Why do we choose not to read some parts, skip some parts.

Cause in the end, we really believe those parts aren’t important.  We skip past the whole..  God put it in the Bible for a reason.  we are basically telling Him, we know what is important, we know what we need to hear.

And I believe we think that way because our premise is wrong.

We think if someone tells us what the Bible says, that’s good enough…  Because we think KNOWLEDGE is what we need.  If we just have the facts…  then we can do what’s right, we can live righteous.

But KNOWLEDGE is the wrong thing to seek after.

RELATIONSHIP is what we all need.  A relationship with Jesus.  And that means spending time.

See if Knowledge is what you are after, then it will make no sense to do the hard work and read the Levitical law, the tabernacle, the Psalms!  Cause you won’t gain what you consider “useful knowledge”.  You don’t see how that information can change your life.

But information can’t change your life.  YOU can’t change your life.

Only Jesus can do that…  so that means relationship.

And If you know that Reading the Bible is about a relationship not about how much you learned that reading…  then the time you spend on the Bible is more valuable that the knowledge gained.

Reading the Bible is foolishness people.  It makes no sense that reading something like the tabernacle can clean you up.  But look…  that boring story is now special in our hearts.

The following year, our third year reading about the Tabernacle…  the Lord gave us our own building.  We were right in the middle of construction when we were reading about how particular the Lord was with His tabernacle.  How detailed and honestly how beautiful He wanted it to be.

That makes no sense, but this boring part of the Bible has become a favorite.

That’s what a LIVING GOD can do.  Cause this book is all about Him.  This Word IS HIM.  And He is ALIVE.

Amen and Amen.

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