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Proverbs Part 1

December 9, 2018

The Lesson this week.

Godliness is worked out in real life!  Love that statement.  There are 900 proverbs that cover life.  Work and leisure, masters and servants, husbands and wives, friends and relatives, life and death, wealth and poverty, love and lust.

Not religious.

Most people would call this about secular life.  Sacred and secular separation does not appear in the Bible.  The Lord is interested in every part of life.  Which is awesome.

Wisdom and Foolishness isn’t a mental deal…  meaning look at how smart I am.  The Bible actually defines these two words in MORAL terms rather than in intelligence terms.

I found that statement interesting…  Until I looked at my life.

Here I thought I was like all smart…  look at me and all my intelligence.  Then I started looking at my lack of fruit according to the Bible.

Now I’m like…  well crap.


The good news.  Salvation is like salvage.  Or recycling.  Recycling means to Rescue something before it’s thrown into the trash and reuse.  Hell is God’s garbage dump.  That’s why God “throws into hell” rather than send people to hell.  But God can RECYCLE us to use for His Kingdom.  Salvation isn’t saved from Hell as much as being Saved TO..  Saved TO work for the Lord.

The Lord can turn Fools into Wise.

This is fantastic news considering I’m one of the Foolish as defined by the Bible.  But as I look at myself and can’t help but think…  “Lord it’s going to take a miracle.”



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