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I wasn’t sure how to go about this page.  I do not want to give the enemy any attention, and I certainly do not want to point people to focus on the enemy when we should be focused on Jesus.

That being said, there is a verse in the Bible that always gets me…   “Lest Satan should take advantage of us, for we are not ignorant of his devices”

Not ignorant of his devices?

I was completely ignorant of his devices!  LOL.

I mean, I know Christians talk about how we are not fighting flesh and blood and that we are fighting powers and principalities and all that.  I know we quote the verse how the enemy is like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour.   And we all talk about how Jesus is more powerful.

We all talk about that stuff, but our lives certainly do not look overcoming.  People are looking at us like…  why would I want your life?

No one ever told me how the enemy works, what methods he uses, etc.   The enemy knows the Scriptures forwards and backwards.  He knows exactly how to twist scripture to deceive us.  No one told me that the enemy has a kingdom, and that he is actually the prince of this world.

In fact, he is so good at what he does, he knows how to get people to live a cursed life AND believe that it’s God’s will. 

I mean how clever is that?!

No seriously…  Here I am forty, single, and barren.  And I really believed that God just wanted me to be single to use me for His Kingdom.  I really thought it was God’s will.  All the verses about how women will be sanctified through childbearing and how women under sixty should marry, have children, and manage the house otherwise they would be gossips and busybodies didn’t apply to me.

Well here I am…  a gossip and a busy body..  doing exactly when He said I would if I was single.  He actually preferred I marry rather than be like this.

What in the world?  The enemy had me totally convinced that I was “special”, when the entire time I was cursed.

I now hate the enemy with a perfect hatred.


So anyway, I figured most people are like me – deceived and ignorant of the fact the enemy is always on the offense.  So  I decided to have a section on the enemy to shine a light on him since he likes to remain invisible.  The videos below are an introduction.  There are more videos in the sub categories of this section.  

Hope this helps!


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