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There’s a verse in the Bible that every time I read it, I actually smile. I would laugh out loud, but usually I’m the one reading the Bible out loud at God’s Public Library, so I don’t usually get the chance to stop and laugh.

But the verse is in 2nd Corinthians… Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.

For we are not ignorant of his devices…

I am COMPLETELY ignorant of the Enemy’s Devices.


Last year when we started God’s Public Library, we were under spiritual attack. I was completely ignorant, I just thought everyone involved went crazy. LOL. Including myself!. hehehe.

Seriously though, I really never experienced spiritual warfare before. I wouldn’t even know what it looks like. I also know in the Bible it states that the World, the Flesh, and the Devil are basically against us.

And I get the first two. Obviously the World does not want the Lord, and everything in our society screams against the things of the Lord like Righteousness and Holiness and Pure. And I know my Flesh. Oh do I know my flesh. It wants everything the Lord hates. Pride, Money, Status, etc. Even the movies I use to like were everything God would hate. Sex, Violence, Sin, Etc.

So I understand the first two. The third – the Devil. I never really figured I hit his radar. I mean, I’m a terrible Christian. Why would he even bother with the attacks when my own flesh is fighting against the Holy Spirit.

And I admit, I ignorantly thought… there would be no need for spiritual warfare… unless God’s Public Library actually started getting numbers. Then we would be a threat to the Enemy.

But after a crazy year, we learned… actually Reading the Bible out loud together… is so powerful… even with just two or three people… the Enemy would do anything to try to stop the Reading.

Oh Yeah… and the Enemy… is ALWAYS on the offense.

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