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Hatred of the Jews.

This is probably the easiest characteristic to spot in the enemy.  The Hatred of the Jews.  I’m a numbers person, so I’m gonna go all dork on you for about two seconds 🙂

There are supposedly 2 billion Christians in the world.  (I tend to think the number is lower considering we are in the great falling away.  Let’s face it, the people outside of the church aren’t that far off when they are calling us Christians hypocrites 🙂 ..  I’m pretty sure Jesus had a lot to say about the Pharisees, but that’s another subject for a different page.)

Anyway, so there are 2.1 billion Christians.  There are also 1.5 billion Muslims and 1.1 billion atheists.  900 million for Hinduism, 394 million for Chinese religion, 376 million Buddhists.  You get the picture.

Now here’s the number that got me.

World wide…

There are 15 million Jews.

15 million.

That’s it.

15 million people.  And yet Hitler wanted to exterminate them.  Others throughout history.  More recently the Iranian President and now his replacement want to wipe Israel off the map.  What in the world?

Let’s just go ahead and lay out the most obvious question…  How will getting rid of 15 million people somehow better the lives of 1.5 billion people?  Seriously.

But what really got me is the differences in people and yet they all seem to have the hatred of Jews in common.  Think Hitler because he’s an easy one for all to know what I’m talking about.  Hitler was not a Muslim and he hated Jews.  The Iranian President hates Jews because of his religion.

The one that started scaring me is actually a person I know.  A professing Christian.

And a Jew Hater.

And this person is not the only one I know who actually believes that the economy and everything wrong in the world is the result of some rich powerful Jew who is calling the shots. AND that the Holocaust never happened.

I couldn’t believe it.

Hitler, Iranian President, and a professing Christian?  And the only thing they have in common is hating Jews.

I know I’m rambling, but stay with me.  I couldn’t understand it.  All of them have different backgrounds and even different reasons for their belief against the Jews.

But the conclusion is the same?

No..  To me that is just way too coincidental.

Of course I read the Bible and researched the internet, listening to people like Walid Shoebat who use to be an Islamic terrorist.  But once I learned in the Bible it states you are either for God or against.  No middle ground, that’s when I think everything started making sense.

One of the characteristics of the enemy, and it’s one of the easiest to point out is the hatred of the Jews.  I could go into the history and the reasons why I think the enemy has this Hatred for God’s chosen people, but I’ll leave that for another time.