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Oppression of Women

Well this one is going to be a littler tougher.  I’m not a feminist.  Might as well state that upfront.  But I do understand why woman have fought for equality.  Of course, I see it more from a Biblical point of view.  And I think the feminist movement in itself is evil.


Lol…  seriously…  I never really looked into the feminist movement, until recently.  And I see certain things that disturb me.  And actually convinced me more that Satan really does hate women.

Well Satan hates everyone.  He comes to kill steal and destroy us because we are made in God’s image..

But that’s neither here nor there.

I’m not sure which direction I want to go first.  I’m thinking I’ll just start by throwing a few examples out there.  Again the idea behind the video clips is just to “reveal” the enemy.  He likes to remain invisible as I said before.

So…  again I’m going to go with the obvious examples.  Think cults…  Polygamist…  (why should the man have as many women as he wants and the women have to share?)  You should see how some of these cults treat their women.  It’s unreal what they have to put up with.  Islam is a huge example…  What they do to their women is just horrific.  Just a quick example…  If you are woman raped in Islam…  you can be stoned for dishonoring the family.  See the video clips.  It will anger you.

Think wife abusers.  They definitely have Satan in them..  Jesus would never hit a woman.  You can’t beat on a woman and think you’re going to heaven.  Sorry charlie..  Don’t think so.  (Did I just pull out the whole sorry charlie…  what a dork 🙂  lol..)

I know these are obvious examples.  I just wanted everyone to look at evil regimes and know that it is not from God.

Satan definitely has something against women.  And so the oppression of women is a fairly easy sign.

Now I understand a little why feminism came about.  They wanted equality and all that.  But see, I think they should have looked at it from a more biblical standpoint.

God said women are to be taken care of and protected.

I know women pastors who have an issue with this.  We have a right to work any job a man does.  Including leading a church.  But God really does have specific roles for men and women…  and for good reason.  Maybe we should ask God why?  Why did He…  in His infinite wisdom…  set up different roles for men women?

God told the men to work and care for their woman.  To provide a home for her.  To protect her.  To care for her. And she in turn would take care of the family, that kind of thing.

But it seems to me, the men turned from God.  Well now when the men are not submitting to God…  How HARD that would be for a woman to submit to the man.  What a terrible position to be in.  As a woman – who is physically weaker and emotionally vulnerable.

In Jesus’s time, the treatment of woman was horrible, but Jesus loved and honored women.  The story of the women caught in adultery comes to mind.  Here the Pharisees caught her in the very act of adultery – yet they were not punishing the man caught in adultery.  Only the woman.  And the Pharisees were going to stone her.

Only Jesus defended her.  And then after the Pharisees left, He told the woman… “Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more.”

And when Jesus was resurrected, He appeared first to women.  Back in those days a woman’s testimony didn’t even count!

God really seems to treat women as precious.

We are the weaker of the two, so God puts a great responsibility on the men to care for their woman.  It’s all in the Bible – Old and New Testament by the way.

But throughout history and in the world today, we can see just how the enemy takes care of women.  Control, beatings, rape etc.

Anyway, once again…  I hope these clips help to “reveal” the evil.