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John 10:10

10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

If there is a God, why is there death and suffering in the world?  I’ve heard this question from the atheist side.  Christians have their own version of that question…  “Why is God doing this to me?”

Well not many will admit to it, but that’s the question they are implying when they say something like…  “This is God’s will for my life…  God is testing me or humbling me (or however you want to say it..)  I don’t know why God wants me to go through this, but I know it’s all part of His plan..”

I don’t really want to state specifics, but just for an example.  I know a Christian who use to have cancer.  And this person was angry with God.  Why was God doing this?

And when i heard this story, the ‘being angry at God’ thing didn’t really sit well with me.

I guess I’m not really sure about the whole…  we have a right to be mad at God thing.  I mean, He created the Heaven and the Earth.  He Created man in His own image.  What’s the biggest accomplishment man ever made?

Putting a man on the moon?  Yeah well, God created the moon.

Cloning a sheep or whatever it was?  Yeah well God created the original.  And let’s face it…  God created the original from nothing.  We as intelligent humans are using all our resources (given to us by God mind you) to CLONE life..  That should tell you… Obviously there is a Creator – an intelligent designer. But I’m getting off the subject here.

So anyway, you get my point.  I don’t believe we have the right to be mad at God…  That’s like saying “I can do better than God”.  And yet clearly we can’t.

That being said, God isn’t a tyrant.  I do believe that He wants us to understand.  So why do evil things happen?

Well in the book of Job, we learn that the enemy is the author of evil. The enemy was granted permission to take Job’s wealth, his family, and his health.  We are told that Satan is actually the prince of this world and he comes to kill steal and destroy.

All you have to do is turn on the news to see the evidence.  The farther we get away from God, the more evil society seems to become.  Let’s take an obvious example.  Back in the day, the biggest thing people had to worry about in school was spitballs.

Now it’s school shootings.

When I was in school, we had fire drills.  Now schools are having school shooting drills.

Evil progresses.

The enemy has kids killing other kids.  And killing themselves.

And yes, I might as well go there.  Guns are not the evil here.  The desire to kill is the evil.  Guns have been around forever.  And just so you all understand where I’m coming from, just a few weeks back there was a report of a school massacre overseas..  The killer walked into a daycare – a daycare people..  And he stabbed the teachers and then turned on the 20 plus one to three year old children.

With a knife.

A knife.

The problem is the desire to kill.  Evil finds a way.

And if you are not FOR God, then you are against.  And the farther you get from God, the more evil a society becomes.  Think of life before the Flood in the days of Noah. We were so evil, God actually regretted making man. (Genesis 6:6 And the Lord regretted that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart.)  Think Sodom and Gomorrah. Think World War I and II.

Just look at how far away from God we have gotten as a society. Easy example. God says in His Word…  that babies are a gift from Him.  I now have two baby nephews…  And how precious they are.  How sweet and innocent.

The enemy has us killing these innocent babies, ripping them out of their mother’s womb – burning them with acid or sucking them out with a vacuum ripping their limbs apart…

All in the name of…. It’s my right..

Here’s one for you…  Do you know that right now…  Right Now…  we live in the number one time of slavery.  That’s right…  This is the worst time in history for slavery.

And it’s not in the work force.  It’s in the Sex industry.  Sex slaves.  Women and Children.  (See the oppression of women page).  But children.

Children are being sold by their parents or kidnapped and forced to be sex slaves. My goodness, these poor children.   I’m trying to find the clip of the woman who had saved an 18 month old baby from the industry.

18 months old.

How so very clever of Satan.  He has mothers killing babies, teenagers killing other kids, adults abusing children.  He has people stealing, killing, and destroying lives.

And people want to blame God – the God who created us, the God who created the Heaven and the Earth, the God who came down and took the punishment for our sin so that we could have a eternal life with Him.

So very clever of Satan.

Anyway, the idea is to show evil.  I know the enemy likes to remain invisible, but I know that most people know evil when they see it.  (At least if they want to.  In the Bible we are told that people will be WILLINGLY ignorant and they will CHOOSE to be deceived.)  And I’m hoping through these videos people will SEE the evil and the enemy at work.