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The Devil and Demons

Hey everyone.

So yeah, fun subject, right? 🙂

Obviously anyone reading the Bible knows that demons are real.  There are many stories of Jesus casting out demons.

I will admit, whenever I read those parts, I guess I was disconnected.  Because obviously, I didn’t have demons.  I guess I pretty much thought…  wow that sucks for anyone who has demons, and it’s great that Jesus casts them out.  But it didn’t really apply to me.

Well the Lord slapped me with two truths this year.

One…  In Mark at the end of the Book…  the Lord says that anyone who follows Him WILL be casting out demons.

Well I’m not casting out demons.

So what does that say about me?

Two…  I had demons.


No seriously I had demons.  This lesson was a shocker.  Til we were reading the Bible the second time this year.  (We read the Bible four times a year here at God’s Public Library…  only forty five minutes a day six days a week…  just saying.)

Anyway back to the reading.  In Isaiah there’s a verse talking about the Spirit of Heaviness. Heaviness…  as in Depression.  Yeah, Depression is a Spirit!  Who knew!

Somewhere else was the Spirit of Jealousy.  In the book of Kings, the Lying Spirit.

We heard a sermon from Derek Prince, and he said demons are persons without bodies.

Anxiety, lying, gluttony, I could go on and on and on.

This was a revelation for me.  I’ll admit…  I started with gluttony.  I knew eating was a compulsion for me.  I always knew I was an emotional eater.  So out of anxiety at work, I would snack literally ALL day long.

One thing that I struggled with is…  But I was a Christian.  I know that if I am not a slave of Jesus, then I am a slave of the enemy.  So I thought as a Christian, I wasn’t a slave to the enemy.  Derek Prince shared this analogy that cleared things up for me.  There is a mayor in Chicago.  But there is also an area of Chicago that is ruled by the mob…  not so much the mayor.

Well that’s how it is with demons in your body.  You can be Christian, but also have demons in charge of certain areas of your life.

I CHOSE to walk with the person of gluttony.  Jesus was not my Lord when it came to food.  The Spirit of Gluttony was.

Now I don’t want you to think I’m one of those crazy people that blames everything on demons.  We are fighting the world, our flesh, and the devil.  I guess I always just focused on the world and my flesh.  As do most people.  The devil and his demons have been able to remain relatively invisible.  So I discounted them.  But there is a spiritual realm, and demons are real.  So I had to acknowledge.  And I’ll be honest, it has been a bit of relief to know it wasn’t just me.

I know this article is clear at mud.  Please watch the videos.

Anyway, Jesus came to save us from our enemies today.  Not our friends.  And we make friends with these demons not realizing it by choosing to walk with them.  I chose to walk with gluttony.  I had to repent and ask for forgiveness. Repentance breaks the legal rights that the demon has.   I had to renounce gluttony in the name of Jesus.  And then I had to expel gluttony from my body by the authority given by Jesus Christ.

And let me tell you, these prickly little devils come out in some violent ways.  The hardest one for me was the Detachment Spirit.  That came out with some violent vomiting.  Another interesting one was Condemnation.  That sucker came out with a lot of yelling… in demonic tongues.  That was a real surprise :).  Not going to lie.  LOL.

Talk about weird, right?  (I honestly didn’t understand the yelling, but there it is in the book of Acts.  Some come out by loud cry.  Seriously I am stunned at what is in the Bible. )

I know this blog is weird and I apologize.  I wanted to go into more detail and make it funny for you.  But it’s also the end of the day and I want to add some videos for you to watch, rather than you getting your information from me.

So I’ll leave it at that.  Hope you have a great night!