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The Occult

Okay guys, I’m going to admit.  Back in the day when I would see movies about witches or even had a friend say she was a witch….  I rolled my eyes.

I was like…  Okay.  Go burn your little incense.  Sure there’s magic.  Whatever.

But as I was reading the Bible, there was a lot about witchcraft.

Rebellion is as Witchcraft.

I was rebellious, but that’s beside the point.  Moving on.  LOL.

The Bible talked about the magicians of Pharoah able to perform signs to a certain point.  It talked about stoning sorcerers.  Stay away from mediums.  Etc.

For the first time I was like…  That crap is real?!

It is real.  FYI…  Did you guys know that witches are actually taking credit for the downfall of that football player…  Tim Teboe.  Like they were doing spells and whatnot.  And Tom Brady just came out last year publicly saying his wife was a witch who did spells so he could win games.  He called her a good witch.

Before I would roll my eyes.  But I was shocked when the Lord opened my eyes this year.  He basically showed us that Witches and Warlocks…  they have more faith than us Christians.  We don’t know a thing about the spiritual realm.

Oh and another FYI…  it makes sense.  Satan is the prince of this world.  Even Jesus did not deny that when Satan offered him the world on a silver platter if He would bow down to him.  He does give power.  Satan knows that humans work by sight not by faith.  So he does give the witches power.  And they know how to use it.

The awesome thing is…  Jesus is way more powerful than the enemy and the witches who serve him.  The problem is as Christians we don’t know the spiritual realm.  So we do not know how to apply the blood of Jesus.  We don’t even know when we are under a curse.

By the way… in the Bible…  barrenness is a curse.

I’m barren.

That sucks.

LOL.  Again another topic for another day.  (But just to ease your curiosity.  Yes I was cursed.  The Lord revealed the curse thankfully and I will tell you all about it later.)


Back to my point, the Occult is Real.  And we need to understand the enemy and the demons and the people working for him…  They are always on the offense.  Always.

We Christians are on the defense and we aren’t even putting up a good fight.

So it’s time to get armed and dangerous!

That being said, I’m going to get some ice cream 🙂  LOL.