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The Kingdom


I got slapped in the face today with some truth.

That was fun…  LOL.

I was listening to a sermon and heard that we as Christians are supposed to preach the Gospel.  That we all know…  right?

Gospel means Good News and therefore I assumed we are to talk about the love of God.  Right?  Makes sense.

Except I saw the fruit of this message and honestly the fruit was terrible.  It just produced a lot of False Converts. I mean seriously John 3:16 it seems is all Christians talk about when evangelizing.  And the fruit….  well let’s just say it’s not fruit.  More like weeds.  🙂 LOL.

So I in all my intelligence figured out, people were only getting half the truth.  The one thing people never told me was about the fear of the Lord and the fear of the Lord is seriously everywhere in the Bible.  Even more than the Love of God.

So I jumped on my high horse – which is the only horse I get on – and started telling people about the Fear of the Lord.  The opposite of the Love of God.  Why?  If the Love of God is not producing the New Testament church…  then preach the opposite to get the opposite reaction!  Give them the whole truth not half the truth.

Go me!

Yeah…  no fruit.

A whole lot of ZERO.  Just saying.

So now I’m listening to this sermon and basically Christians are talking a whole lot of theology, but missing the whole point.  We didn’t even finish the sentence in the Bible.  We are supposed to preach the Gospel of the KINGDOM.


As in Government.

Jesus is coming to rule.

The Kingdom of God is at hand.

I totally missed that part.  LOL.

Man, this sermon really sucker punched me because I really thought I had it all figured out.  I figured the reason I didn’t have fruit was because people were idiots and just didn’t want God 🙂  Because it can’t possibly be me!


And here the reason I didn’t have fruit is because I’m not doing what Jesus said or what Jesus did or what Jesus commanded us.

Here’s the sucker punch…

When the guy preached about how we are supposed to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven…  I have absolutely no idea what that is.


I mean I know most Christians would be like…  I know what the Kingdom of God is.

But color me embarrassed, I don’t have a clue.  I’m seriously still listening to the six hour sermon (I’m only an hour and a half in) learning about the Kingdom of God as I write this.

I never really thought about the government of God.  But things are making way more sense.  The first thing Jesus preached was repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

When Adam rebelled he was rejecting God as King.  He was rejecting the authority.  So it makes sense that the Lord is restoring His Kingdom by giving people a choice.  He offers His Kingdom to those who want His Kingdom, His government, His Kingship.

I guess this whole government thing is hitting me hard because I seriously HATE being told what to do.  Like my back stiffens, hostility shoots out of my eyes, I may or may not think evil thoughts against my bosses or anyone else who tries to tell me what to do 🙂 LOL.

And here we are suppose to seek first the Kingdom of God.

I always thought of Kingdom as like a paradise with God where there is sunshine and roses, rainbows and lots of sparkle.  This magical place of happiness….

Come to think of it…  I think I had the Kingdom of God pictured like Disney World on steroids.  LOL.

And here it’s a government.

The fact I missed KINGDOM as a form of government has me seriously questioning my intelligence.  Like…  I wasn’t even close.  LOL.

No wonder the Lord is like SEEK WISDOM LIKE SILVER..  You seriously need it.  hahahaha.

Given my complete lack of intelligence, I’m going to shut up now and just let you watch the videos.  I know they will help you way more than I can.  LOL.

Hope you all have a great day!