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God’s Public Library / Hear the Word of the Lord

Yep we have two names 🙂 and we did it on purpose. My best friend and I have two different testimonies which contribute to the two names.

My testimony in a nutshell is I found God on Youtube. I didn’t really have a church background. But I found the Lord through many different sources on the internet. So for God’s Public Library… on the website I hope to share all of those videos with you and confess my sins 🙂 (I figure you all are going to find out my sins – every thought, word, and deed – on judgment day anyway. Might as well start confessing them now. LOL.)

And at our physical address, God’s Public Library has dvds (most of the same youtube sources shared on this website) to hand out to those who are interested in learning about the Lord in the comfort of their own homes but don’t really have access to the internet. I actually lived in the country and didn’t have internet when I first found the Lord. I was actually listening to youtube at my work place. So I figured there are still people out there who live in the country or who are older and don’t know how to use the internet.

Then my best friend’s background was a church background. She had been in church her entire life. But going to church twice a week and all the church activities did not clean her up from her sin. So she started reading the Bible. Since then she has had a goal of getting the Bible read together in church. She joined my parents and I when we decided to read the Bible out loud together (due to the dyslexia that runs in my family, I was appointed the Bible read and we read out loud). We learned that the Lord actually TELLS us to read the Scriptures in ALL the assembly.

Anyway, so that’s what we did. We made it through the Bible in a year reading about 15-20 minutes a day. But that reading soon was not long enough. At Hear the Word of the Lord… we read 45 minutes a day, six days a week. We are on a 17 week Reading Schedule where we read the entire Bible in 17 weeks (3 times a year). And then on Sunday, we are on a schedule to read the Bible every two years… following David Pawson’s Unlocking the Bible Series. So if a person shows up every Sunday for two years, they will hear the entire Bible.

Two names and we only offer two things. Sources from the Library to take home to learn… and Reading the Bible together at the building. A single Goal.. for people who are seeking the Lord… to be able to find Him… the way we found Him 🙂