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The Lord’s Day 🙂 .

Here at the Library, we aren’t doing anything fancy. Keeping with the blind leading the blind premise, we have no idea what we are doing 🙂 . LOL.

So we are keeping it all about the Word..

We are doing a Series called Unlocking the Bible Series. This series goes through each book of the Bible. We watch the video sermon, which usually lasts anywhere from 35-45 minutes. And then we read about three chapters of the book that we are on in the series from 8:45 to 9:00. And then at 9:30am for anyone who wants to stay, we continue reading the Book we covered in the 8am Series for 45 minutes. At 10:30, we start reading number 2 🙂 .

It is a lot of reading, but we actually have a reason for this which we will explain in the blog section. But for now… have you ever realized how little talking time the Lord gets. Jesus Christ is the Word made Flesh. And we are told to abide in Him. So a concrete way to Abide in Jesus is to read His word. Well a chapter can be read in 5 minutes give or take.. So even if a church reads one full chapter… God is getting only five minutes of talking time.

And most churches are not even reading a chapter. Most churches are reading a verse here and a verse there. No context. Well this was a big problem for me because I didn’t know my Bible. And then when I started reading my Bible… I realized how a verse had been taken out of context, and I was actually lied to. (John 3:16 being taken out of context was a huge problem. Christians have built a whole meaning on the wrong context of John 3:16.)

And then I realized, since God is getting very little talking time… “we” as a congregation were getting a lot of time. Singing, dancing, prayer requests, and then the pastor would talk. Now I’m not saying there isn’t a place for teachers. But I am saying, people seem to think what the pastor says is somehow more powerful than what Jesus says. The words in the Bible can change my life, those words can clean up my sin nature, day by day, one sin at a time… And God promises not to remember that sin anymore!!

But no pastor’s words can do that for me.

So here we wanted to make sure that Jesus got to talk more than we did.

Okay, I know you think we are crazy. But hear me out. For those of us in America this might be a little hard to understand because we do not have Kings and Queens. But if you had to face a King… guess what you don’t get to do..? You would not be allowed to just walk up to a King and say.. “Hey what’s up?” No.. In fact you wouldn’t even be allowed to APPROACH the king without following the proper procedure in the first place! And then if you followed the protocol, and the King CHOOSES to see you… You don’t get to talk first. The King talks first… And then you would respond. Basically you would speak when spoken to.

Well… God is our King. So He gets to talk first, and we respond when spoken to. So that’s what we are doing here – we want God to talk… we listen. And then worship is suppose to be our RESPONSE to Him. Sometimes that’s in the form of music… “Lord How GREAT Thou ART!!”, sometimes it is pure silence, sometimes it’s… well reading more to see what else He has to say!.

So anyway, there’s the short story of what we are doing. Here’s a sample of our schedule below. Once we get everything up and running, we will post the actual Video of the Unlocking the Bible Series, the reading schedule, and the bulletin for each Sunday! Most books of the Bible will take two to three Sundays.

For example…

8:00am – 8:45am Unlocking the Bible Series – the Book of Judges
8:45am – 9:00am Read Judges Chapters 1-3
9:30am – 10:30am Reading #1 Judges 4-11
10:30am – 11:30am Reading #2