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Isaiah 42:9

See, the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you.”

Hey Everyone.
This is one of my favorites. God the Revealer. Bible Prophecy. I know, I know, there are those of you who think Bible Prophecy is boring and irrelevant. But hey, the way I see it, God doesn’t waste His time. If it’s in the Bible, it’s important.

The reason Prophecy is probably one of my favorite things about God is because that is ultimately what led me to Christ. It was a long road, and I am so humbled by how patient God was with me.

But anyway, it all started with Prophecy. It started in 2008 when I was watching the news (at the time I was a news junkie) and out of no where I heard a report that Russia, China, and a few others were talking about a one world currency.

And I was like… Whoa! What was that?!!

I remember from long before hearing about the one world currency in the end times of the Bible. So yeah, that perked my ears up. And the research began.

Anyway, the prophecy that hit me most was Israel. That the nation of Israel was going to be scattered amongst the nations and hated by all, never having a home. And in the last days, they would be regathered and a nation would be born in a day.

Israel was scattered like the winds to all these nations for two thousand years. And they were hated in every nation they were in. But think after two thousand years in foreign nations, they were still considered Jews. Not Germans, or Russians, etc. (Glenn beck has an awesome study on the history of Israel. It’s a real eye opener, but I couldn’t get it on here. If you happen to get on his website GBTV, I would highly recommend looking it up.)

Just to drive the point home, think of America. We are a melting pot right. We come from every where. But we are no longer considered German, or British, or French, or whatever. We are Americans. So why weren’t the Jews considered part of their respective nations.

I brought this up to someone who shall remain nameless, and the response was… well Jew is a religion. Not that nationality.

Okay, but still. I’m a Christian. But I am known as an American. So that was a silly argument. The Jews should have been known as part of whatever nation they were from too.

But back to my point. World War II – the Holocaust was so… so horrible. Read Ezekiel 37 – the vision of the dried bones, and then look at a picture of the Holocaust. Anyway after the Holocaust, the Jews couldn’t return to their homes. They had no where to go. They didn’t have their homes, their families, their friends, their jobs, etc.

What are the chances they would return to their Biblical homeland. The regathering into Israel after two thousand years. Remaining a nation without a home for two thousand years. (I can’t stress the two thousand year thing :)..) And in a single day, just as predicted in the Bible, a nation was born. If you cannot see how HUGE of a deal that is, I don’t know what to say.

Other than you are being willingly ignorant – as the Bible says in 2 Peter 3. (I know that sounded harsh, but I’m using God’s words here:)

Anyway, I got off track. Sorry. I just think the Israel thing is way interesting. But I do want to get to a point here. Prophecy is important. I will just name the two reasons why it was important in my life.

One. Prophecy is an awesome witnessing tool. Just as we know the Bible is true through Creation… We can know the Bible is true through Prophecies. I think like 25% to 30% of the Bible is prophetic. And all are a hundred percent accurate. From the birth and death of Jesus Christ to the last days.

And hey, I think people are naturally interested in the future. Think about it, we like movies that deal with psychics and whatnot. It’s just interesting. And through those interesting details we can lead people to the Bible.

Because the same book that predicted the return of Israel to it’s homeland says the last days are going to be terrible. And the same book that tells us the last days prophecies, tells us of a Savior who died on the Cross for our sins. Awesome right. People can see the news and the Bible predicted it. So great witnessing tool. (It worked for me anyway.)

And number two. Prophecy to me is a great example of God’s love.

I know. There are a lot of people ready to fire off at me, because the last days prophecies are definitely not a good thing. Earthquakes, famines, false prophets, tribulation, persecution, beheadings… Yeah I don’t know of anyone who would call that a good thing.

But let me make my point here 🙂

See.. I think this points to God really being a Father.

Quick story.

My parents lived through the 1980s recession. I know a lot of people don’t make a big deal about the eighties. But my parents did, especially my dad. He often told me how he didn’t even see it coming. One minute there was tons of work, and the next minute he was in the unemployment line. Mom told me stories of how they had just enough money to pay bills, but not enough for groceries. And her Grandma would come through and help with groceries.

And they had four kids at the time.

They didn’t want us kids to be blind sided like they were. So they taught us four kids about the recession. About the lack of work. About how to see the signs of a recession so we would see it coming. So that we could prepare.

I mean, parents in general would do anything so their children don’t suffer or anything. Well, my parents couldn’t stop a recession. They aren’t in control of the entire economy. But they could tell us the signs and teach us to prepare.

So just as my father on earth loves me and wants me to know ahead of time what’s coming so that it’s not so scary, well why wouldn’t my Father in Heaven do the same?

And sure enough, He did. He tells us ahead of time no one will know the day nor hour, but pay attention to the signs. Pay attention to the leaves on the fig tree. We cannot stop the last days. We cannot stop man’s sin. But we can see the signs and we can prepare.

By repenting of our sins and turning to Christ and putting our treasure in God and not on this earth.

All that really matters in life is the decision we make as to where we want to spend eternity. That’s it. This life is temporary. God never forces himself on anyone, He gives us the choice. Do we want a relationship with Him or don’t we.

He gives us everything we need to know to make this decision. He give us the earthly evidence of creation, the historical evidence of the Bible, the prophetic events of the present – all so that we can know the eventual outcome of this world.

Spoiler Alert.

We die.

So where do you want to spend eternity?

Where do you want your children to spend eternity? Your family? Your friends? (If you don’t believe in God – is it not worth some time in your life to actually research that decision. Just to make sure. Because what you believe you do teach your children. If there is a chance that what you are teaching your children will condemn them to an eternity of hellfire and torment, isn’t worth your time to do a little research first. You can start with Prophecy 🙂 It worked for me :)..)