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Church Apostasy

The Great falling away

Christians this one is for you.  One of the main events in the last days is the Great Falling away.

And we already see it happening.

We have now turned Christianity and the Bible into all about ME.  When Christianity is the one religion that says “IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU”

Somehow Christians are missing such basic truths.  And I know that sounds judgmental, but I have been to more than a few churches and something is definitely missing.  And honestly it seems to be all over the map.

One group is accepting everybody, repentance not needed, everyone get baptized, it’s more about entertainment than the Bible, and you’re lucky if you get two Bible verses in there.  The sermons are more about self help and your better life now kind of thing.

But when I attended these type of churches, I would walk out and there was this nagging feeling of…  I didn’t learn anything about God.  Except how much he loves me and wants me to be happy.

Then there’s another group that is like saying…  “Look at how conservative we are.”  But when you talk to them the church loyalty is very strong.  The conservatism is very strong.  Repentance is preached, but it seems like church rules are the priority.  Conform to the church.

But again something was missing.

And again when I attended these types of churches I came out thinking…  I didn’t learn anything about God except that I just needed to accept Christ into my heart and accept God’s Will for my life.

I don’t want to go on and on here, but I learned that I wasn’t really learning about God.  And when I hung out with the Christians, there really wasn’t much of a difference from my “society” friends.

So what was missing?  I don’t know..  I mean I have an opinion on it, but it’s just my opinion..  And it is this…  People stopped reading their Bibles.

Oh I’m sure some read the Bibles.  But they don’t really obey.  Honestly, I didn’t.  I mean I was reading my Bible, but I was just looking at the prophecy verses or the loving God verses…  that kind of thing.

But I knew very little about God.  And that’s why I could so easily begin to believe false truths.  And that’s how a falling away happens.

The numbers in churches are growing.  But the number of true Christ followers… not so much.