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The Bible..  God’s word.


Interesting Fun Facts about the Bible…

– Jesus is the Word made Flesh. (meaning read the Bible, you’re spending time with Jesus).

– For there are three that bear witness…. The Father, the WORD, and the Holy Spirit. (meaning Jesus is even called the Word… in several verses).

– He gives the truth to babes and blinds the wise… (meaning, the scholars can totally miss the truth, but the pagan off the street who is really seeking God will get more out of the Bible than a scholar)

– There are only 1 verse in a 1000 that talk about the love of God (less than 1%)

– The Bible brings up the Fear of the Lord – many “wise” people will tell you – “fear” means reverence, awe, and even LOVE in some instances… But that is like saying… God is all powerful and can create heaven and earth… but He can’t get the right word in the Bible. Good thing we wise humans are here… LOL.

– The Bible talks about fear and trembling… I don’t tremble when I “reverence” LOL.

– The Bible was never meant to have chapter and verses… we have 66 BOOKS. How many people read five sentences in a book and then switch to another book and read three more sentences… and then think they got the gist of both books?

– The Bible… is meant to be read together… Many times in the Old Testament and New Testament we are told to “read in all the assembly”. (Side note, we are also told to pray in our closet.. LOL.)

Not So Fun Fact…

– Amos 8:11-12 – there is a time when God tells His people due to their wicked ways, He is going to cause a Famine… not of hunger or thirst… but of hearing His Word… Meaning, He is going to keep His Word away from you. (Meaning… If you don’t really want the Lord… you will not get Him.) He even goes on to say His people will go to and fro and do this and that and basically never find Him…. Yeah.. God’s like that. :).


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